Kaplan, Louisiana

My Home Town


the Home Town of

Sammy Kershaw


   My home town of Kaplan, Louisiana is a great place to live.  It is known as the "Gateway to the Wetlands".  Kaplan is located in Southwestern Louisiana in Vermillion Parish which is referred to as "The Most Cajun Place on Earth".  It is 21 miles from I 10 and 35 miles from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.   The people of Kaplan are proud of their heritage.  You can tell this by just taking a stroll down the block or by taking a joy ride through the neighborhood.  The population is around 5200 and most are Acadians.  There are many French speaking people that live in Kaplan.  Many visitors that come here eventually return or stay.   Maybe it is because of the good food, the hospitality, or the geographical area.   The life in Kaplan has a laid back approach although they celebrate many events.   Some are Bastille Day, Mardi Gras, and some are made up just to have a celebration as they are people full of life and energy.  I remember Kaplan having loving and caring people.  They sometimes call it "God's Country".   As with most small towns many of the residence know each other.

A Little Kaplan History

    The town was named after a Russian Jewish immigrant named Abrom Kaplan.  He saw the potential of the lowland prairies.  He thought these prairies would be good for rice farming and cattle raising.  He and a friend purchased the land.  They then proceeded to set up the irrigation systems for rice farming.  Also they laid out the town which became what I know as Kaplan.  It was incorporated in 1903.
    Kaplans' economic base is rice, soybean, and crawfish farming, rice milling, cattle raising, and oil.  Picture taking is a photographers dream as winter approaches when the duck and the geese arrive.  When summer comes so does fishing, crabbing, and many other summer activities.  Maybe this is why they refer to Louisiana as a "Sportsman Paradise".

Kaplan Main Street

                Here are some good eating places in Kaplan:

                My Moms' and Sisters House
                Hebert's Steak House and Lounge Restaurant

                Larry's Cajun Kitchen

                Homestead Steaks and Seafood

                Brotha In Laws Seafood Patio

                Suire's Grocery and Restaurant

                Mickey's Drive Inn

                Vincent's Drive Inn