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Here you will find some "Great Cajun Recipes"

                   Cajun cooking is an art in itself.   Cooks in Southern Louisiana

       take pride in what they cook.  I know I am one of them.


History                     Alligator and Smoked Sausage     Creole Seasoning           Seafood Etoufée
Profile                      Barbecue Sauce                                Dirty Rice                        Seafood Gumbo
Flags                        BB-Q Shrimp                                     French Bread                  Shrimp Boulettes
Symbols                   Black-Eyed Peas                                French Bread                  Shrimp Etoufée
Festivals                  Bloody Mary Mix                                Fried Catfish                   Shrimp Jambalaya
Kaplan                     Boiled Crabs                                        Fried Frog Legs             Stuffed Crabs
General                   Boiled Crawfish                                  Fried Garfish                  Tarter Sauce
Songs                      Boudin                                                   Fried Okra                      Vegetable Soup
Zydeco                     Boudin Balls                                        Fried Rice
Pictures                  Cajun Shrimp                                     Garfish Balls
Home                       Crab Boil                                             Jalapeno Cornbread
                              Crabmeat Patties                                Rice
                                 Crawfish Etouffée                               Red Beans and Rice
                                 Crawfish Pie                                        Roux


                         Meatball and Egg Stew
                                 Shrimp Stuffing

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Cajun Recipes
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