Southern Louisiana





                    What is Southern Louisiana?    

        Is it the people, the beauty, the food, the music, or is 
   it a country of its own?  Some say that it is.  My goal for         
   this site is to be as informative and interesting as possible. 
   The people who live in Southern Louisiana are the best.          
   Loving, caring, kind and considerate.  The land is   
   generous, the weather is kind, and food is excellent.  
   Enjoy my Page !!!!!!!!!!!!!




                          This is my tribute to the tragic situation that happened
                           in Manhattan and Washington D.C.
                              September 11, 2001




                                        I want to give credit to the person or persons who designed these pictures.
                             If for some reason you don't want me to display these e-mail me.  I
                     am moved by these pictures.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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